May 20 2008


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On May 14, 1804 Lewis and Clark started their legendary exploration of the Great Northwest! We chose the 204th anniversary of their departure for the Official Launch of this Weblog on the prospects for Space Colonization!

WELCOME to Everyone !!!

Lewis and Clark in 1804 was the first of the 4 great human exploration events of the last 200 years. In fact, many of the economic and political forces which drove their mission are similar to those that propelled the Apollo Moon program in the 1960s.

Our strategic approach in this blog is different:
We use patterns in long-term trends in the economy, technology, and society that have repeated for the last 200 years to give us insight into the next 20!

Probably the best place to start is The Concept page to discover how illuminating this approach is.

Indeed, the lesson of the last 200 years is that the future of the next 20 years is so bright, you’ll probably need shades! Major Apollo-style technology and space programs will soon announce the opening of the next international race to space. That’s the highly likely good news. It’s also possible that we could miss this opportunity for human expansion into the cosmos. If we do, the last 200 years indicate our next shot will be near the end of this century.

Our blog philosphy is to tell you what the last 200 years suggest will happen, not necessarily what we personally want to occur. And although we do talk politics, we don’t officially endorse candidates because our fundamental interest is in evaluating our space colonization forecasts against events and trends from the real world. This reality-based blog about the near-term future in space will tell a generally positive story, simply because that’s what the last 200 years strongly suggest.

This blog is for your enjoyment and use. Please take a tour. Tell us when we get it wrong, and it’s OK to compliment us too! If we miss important articles, news, or points of view, email them to us!

It’s time for your own personal launch into!
See you at The Concept page!

“Live Long and Prosper!”

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