May 22 2008

At March AirFest, Ebullience is Spelled "F-22"

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You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the F-22 Raptor in a demo flight! Contributing Editor Ann Hovey and I had this extraordinary experience May 3 at the March AirFest in Moreno Valley, California. It’s pure ebullience!

To see the F-22 in flight Click f-22-air.jpg.

Here at “ebullience” is a technical term associated with twice-per-century economic booms which elevate society to the highest levels of the Maslow Hierarchy. This extraordinary confluence of affluence and ebullience creates a climate supportive of great explorations (e.g., Lewis and Clark) and stunning MEPs (e.g., Panama Canal); see Economic Growth, Wave Guide 1.

The crowd at the AirFest was huge, around 400,000 this year, 100,000 more than in previous years, according to Major Donald Troud of March Public Affairs. Most likely this was due to the F-22’s first public appearance in Southern California although the Thunderbirds also awed the crowd!

The Thunderbirds were magnificent. Click thunderbirds.jpg.

From the vertical take-off to the hovers, and from the very fast to the very slow passes and the incredibly tight turns, the F-22 is an emotional symbol of extraordinary technological capability and the promise of the future. The huge family crowd was stunned and thrilled, an intense version of the feeling of ebullience — albeit momentary on May 3 — that spreads across society as the ramp-up to a Maslow Window proceeds.

The huge crowd was ebullient. Click marchfamilies.jpg.

Happy Memorial Day! And happy Early Ebullience!

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