Jun 05 2008

Is Obama a Space Guy?

Now that Obama is the Democratic candidate only two questions remain: 1) Will he win in November? and 2) Is he the new John F. Kennedy who will lead us in the next race to space?

Previously (Is Obama the Next ONE?) we revealed that the next Space President (SP) will be elected in either 2012 or 2016 based on our forecast model nominal timeline. His election in 2012 would require him to be a 2-term president, assuming he wins in 2008. In a soon-to-be-released post, we’ll comment on whether Obama will be celebrating in November.

Is Obama a Space Guy? Even lovingly blind devotion to Obama can’t help but morph into concern over his current space policy: He’d delay NASA’s Constellation program by five years to help pay for an $18 billion education initiative. Well, gee wiz….artificially pitting NASA against education programs is an unsophisticated, old-fashioned idea characteristic of pre-Maslow Window times (like now). His policy would result in a decade delay in human space exploration. And, with the projected Maslow Window approaching in 5 – 7 years, he’d effectively eradicate human space exploration, until perhaps the next Maslow Window opens up in 2071.

However, we still believe Obama could be our next SP because he is an adaptable leader and a quick study. Once he recognizes the public’s increasing desire for space exploration as we approach the 2015 Maslow Window, he’ll respond. John F. Kennedy did not enter his presidency with an agenda to go to the Moon. But he rapidly responded to Soviet pressures by leading the U.S. into the 1960s space race, to inspire Americans and re-establish international prestige (See Education, Wave Guide 4).

Although Obama has taken considerable heat for his Chicago church membership, we believe it supports our point. What could be more difficult than resigning from his church of 20 years given his extensive personal connections? However, it shows that Obama learns quickly and can change rapidly according to his perception of the people’s will. If China challenges the U.S. in space and triggers an international Sputnik-like event near 2013 (as we forecast), we believe Obama’s Kennedy-like reaction would be to lead us to Mars!

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