Jun 10 2008

It's NOT More Trouble Than It's Worth…Even in Zero-G

Nothing says ebullience like sex and beer!!

Here at 21stCenturyWaves.com “ebullience” is a technical term associated with twice-per-century economic booms which elevate society to the highest levels of the Maslow Hierarchy. This extraordinary confluence of affluence and ebullience creates a climate supportive of great explorations (e.g., Lewis and Clark), stunning MEPs (e.g., Panama Canal),…and even other things. (See Economic Growth, Wave Guide 1.)

Virgin Galactic has been receiving requests from couples aspiring to be the first to have sex in space. Achieving intercourse in low gravity is of fundamental importance if we’re to ever colonize the cosmos with our progeny. But according to UPI, space medicine expert Dr. James Logan warns that, “Couples would likely find sex without gravity to be more trouble than it’s worth.” However in my opinion, space sex is going to be HOT!

Zero gravity will allow couples to be more mobile but a space chapter will have to be added to the Kama Sutra. Bedrooms will have grips installed on the ceiling for those kinds of positions, and couples will be outfitted with vanilla velcro! The more adventurous couples will be able to finally achieve the elusive “retrograde wheelbarrow” (a very athletic love position).

Of course, it’s only appropriate that copulating space couples bond over a bottle of beer. Japan’s famous Sapporo Holdings Ltd. is planning on brewing a beer using barley harvested from space. There is no reported difference in taste, but I do enjoy the novelty of it and it’s nice to know that I may one day have the luxury of responsibly drinking in space.

Here’s to ebullience!

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