Jun 30 2008

Panama Canal Expansion Extends to New Orleans!

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The massive Panama Canal Expansion project now extends all the way to New Orleans, but even more importantly, it points staight toward the 2015 Maslow Window! Twice per century unparalleled economic booms create exceptional affluence which elevates society to the highest levels of the Maslow Heirarchy. We call this decade-long, ebullient ride up the economic boom a Maslow Window. The chronology of the last 200 years indicates the next one starts near 2015.

Typically, the decade leading up to a Maslow Window displays “early ebullience” in the form of impressive macro-engineering projects (MEPs) and other activities. The cost and global attention associated with these secondary MEPs usually indicate how spectacular the Maslow Window itself will actually be. As I’ve indicated before, there is currently an avalanche of MEPs around the globe, but one of the most ebullient has to be Panama’s.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Panama Canal Expansion Project will require 4.4 million cubic meters of cement and cost $ 5.25 B, about the same (in constant $) as the original Canal. In an ebullient vote, the people of Panama approved this project by 76.2% in October, 2006. According to the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), the Third Set of Locks project will respond to sustained increases in international trade by allowing more and larger ships through the Canal. Scheduled completion date is 2014-2015 — perfect timing to celebrate the 2015 Maslow Window!

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune (6/19/08), Port of New Orleans officials anticipate a surge in cargo through the expanded Canal and want to beat the competition (e.g., Houston). Although their new marketing agreement with ACP doesn’t promise New Orleans any business, it identifies New Orleans as an ACP-approved port with whom they share “strong economic and commercial bonds.”. By 2014 New Orleans will have completed a $ 500 M expansion of its port facilities, to capitalize on the enhanced cargo wave from the Canal.

Last week in an international meeting of Latin American port authorities, ACP’s CEO emphasized Panama’s leadership: “It is clear that Panama is emerging as the transportation and logistics hub of the Americas,” said Alem├ín Zubieta. “Large-scale infrastructural improvements like the Canal expansion and the Pan-American highway, coupled with Panama’s strategic location and proximity to other regional port development projects, make Panama an ideal hub for international commerce.”

In a vast “ocean” of international MEPs, the Panama Canal Expansion stands out as a “tsunami” of early ebullience! We’ll enjoy watching this one closely.

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