Aug 23 2008

Readers' Favorite Posts — 8/22/08

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This is an updated list of our readers’ favorite posts, based on the number of times each post was visited during the times indicated below.

Although the bi-weekly State of the Wave posts are very popular, the lists below include only Daily Wavelet posts.

The timeframes of the readers’ lists below are: I) All-Time Favorites (the first daily post was published on 5/11/08), and II) Favorites over the Last 7 Days. To see readers’ favorite posts for each previous month, click HERE.

Both lists below give only the top 5 favorites in each category in order of reader preference.

Both lists are updated every other week on Friday afternoons.
All posts below are clickable and their publishing dates are given.

Updated 8/22/08

I. ALL-TIME — Readers’ Favorites

1) 10 Reasons Why China is Good for Space — 6/22/08
2) McCain and the Republican Panic — 6/6/08
3) Taikonaut to Take a Walk — 6/13/08
4) Gallup Polls Support Maslow Window Forecasts — 6/20/08
5) Is the Navy Sinking the U.S. Space Program? — 5/15/08

II. THE LAST 7 DAYS — Readers’ Favorites

1) 10 Lessons Lewis & Clark Teach Us About the Human Future in Space — 8/17/08
2) 10 Reasons Why China is Good for Space — 6/22/08
3) NASA’s Challenging Future — 8/1/08
4) Russian Invasion and the Shuttle 5-Yr Gap — 8/13/08
5) Major Wars Threaten Future Space Initiatives — 7/12/08

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