Oct 07 2008

Public Speaking

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Bruce is Available for Public Speaking—For Bruce’s Bio Click HERE.

I’m pleased to say that I get a significant number of requests to do public speaking on future- and space-related topics and I do as many as possible.

I love doing it, but have to balance public speaking with my other professional and personal activities. I am usually able to do a few engagements per month depending on how far they are from Southern California.

Over the years I’ve done hundreds of public talks and presentations of virtually every type: from after dinner keynotes, to large groups (500+), to small seminars, etc.
My talks have been to almost every type of group imaginable including universities, clubs, corporations, schools, professional organizations, government agencies, churches, etc., across the U.S. and internationally.

I’ve enjoyed sharing realistic visions of our future with them all!

Speaking Topics Focus on 3 Themes

I enjoy giving talks on the human future similar to the three listed below. Actually the talks below have major interfaces and differ mostly in their emphasis; i.e., the emphasis in I is on space colonization, in II it’s a broad, strategic look at the future, and in III it’s on worldviews.

These talks are unique in their approach — all are based on macroeconomic and historical trends over the last 200 years. This provides an unusually powerful perspective.

We always customize the topic mix and level to your group.

I. The Human Future in Space
Prospects for near-term, international exploration and colonization of the Moon and Mars, including their importance for science, technology, peace, and prosperity.

II. 21st Century Waves: Scientific Forecasts for the Next 20 Years
Long-term trends – over the last 200 years – point to specific forecasts of technology, economic, exploration, and military watersheds as a framework for strategic thinking, both professional and personal.

III. The Spiritual Impact of Space Exploration
How traditional concepts of consciousness, human origins and destiny, and God, are being impacted by human expansion into the Cosmos.

Speaking Arrangements

If your group is outside Southern California, I may need travel expenses. Also, my fee is flexible depending on the type of group. Please email me if you have any questions.
If you’d like to arrange a speaking engagement, please contact me at:

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