Feb 11 2012

Bruce Joins Board of Editors for “Space and Evolution” Journal

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It’s a pleasure to announce that I’m joining the Board of Editors of the journal Space and Evolution. Thanks for the invitation to David Christensen (formerly Lockheed Martin), George Robinson (formerly Smithsonian Institution), and Joerg-Henner Lotze, the Publisher and Director, Eagle Hill Foundation.

Space and Evolution provides a focus on human survival and prosperity through expansion into the cosmos.

Space and Evolution (SPAEVO) (ISSN 2153-6678) is a new, online inter-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal which serves as a forum for professionals who understand the critical and timely need for the integration of all knowledge pertinent to humankind’s potential for survival and evolution through its exploration of Space, and eventual permanent migration to, and settlement of, Space.

If you have questions about the journal or are interested in possibly writing a manuscript, feel free to contact me (click on “Contact” above).

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