Jul 13 2012

Bruce is Speaking at 15th Annual Mars Society Convention in August

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It’s a pleasure to announce that I’ll be speaking at the 15th Annual International Mars Society Convention which runs from August 3 – 5 in the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA.

On Sunday evening (August 5) you’re invited to the Landing Countdown Celebration at the Pasadena Convention Center, for NASA’s Curiousity Rover as it touches down on the surface of Mars…

For the full 2012 program schedule, Click HERE.

My talk is Friday afternoon and for the abstract, Click:
Fractal Maslow Windows and the Near-Term Colonization of Mars

Long-term indicators and current trends show that we’re approaching a 1960s-style “critical state” (i.e., a Maslow Window) that is expected to blossom into a new international Apollo-level Space Age, by mid-decade.

To avoid another 40 years of being trapped in Earth orbit (since Apollo 17) due to sudden closing of the approaching Maslow Window, human spaceflight should establish near-term bases on or near Mars and/or the Moon by the 2020s that do not require frequent re-supply from Earth. Because of its exploration, science, and colonization potential, Mars is preferred.

The Sunday (8/5) evening program is open to the general public and begins at 7pm with former NASA astronaut Dr. Story Musgrave speaking on: “The Spirit of Space: The Beauty, The Glory & The Sacred.”

At 8:30pm I’ll be participating in the Special Panel: Our Future in Space, along with Dr. Musgrave, Princeton astrophysics Professor J. Richard Gott, and The Mars Society’s Dr. Robert Zubrin.

At the conclusion of the Panel near 10 pm we’ll be watching live the countdown to the scheduled landing of NASA’s spectacular Curiousity Rover on Mars.

If you’re planning to be near Southern California in early August, you should stop by.

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