Sep 16 2012

Bruce’s Mars Society Convention Presentation (8/3/12)

This is my ppt presentation to the 15th International Mars Society Convention in Pasadena, CA on August 3, 2012: “Fractal Maslow Windows and the Near-Term Colonization of Mars”
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For the presentation Abstract, Click HERE.

This presentation introduces the concept of a “Maslow Window” which has been very successful in providing an economic explanation for why humans have not returned to the Moon (or even left Earth orbit) in 40 years, and also why we expect a new Apollo-level international Space Age to dawn by mid-decade.

The Maslow Window Economic Model:
Over the last 200+ years, great explorations like Lewis and Clark, huge technology projects like the Panama Canal, and major wars like W.W.I are seen to cluster exclusively near twice-per-century major economic booms. The most recent example was the 1960s Apollo Moon program.

Maslow Windows as “Critical States”:
Our recent discovery that NASA space programs are “fractal” suggests that space programs — like financial systems, earthquakes, wars, and many other large complex systems — are due to “critical states” which spontaneously self-organize over decades. Once in the critical state, almost anything can happen (e.g., Cuban Missile Crisis, Apollo, Peace Corps), even if triggered by only the smallest stimulus. We are apparently entering another 1960s-style critical state now.

Forecasts and Issues:
Rising geopolitical tensions in the Middle East support our entry into the new critical state/Maslow Window by 2015, as the arrival of the financial Panic of 2008 did four years ago. Based on patterns observed over the last 200+ years, near mid-decade the great global boom of 2007 should re-ignite and trigger human colonization of Mars and/or major scientific and commercial development of the Moon and near-Earth space.

For more info on Maslow Windows, Click HERE.

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