Mar 22 2013

Bruce Returns to “The Space Show” Friday (3/29)

It’s a pleasure to announce that I’m returning for my 5th visit to The Space Show ( global internet live radio program, this coming Friday, March 29, 2013, from 9:30 am – 11 am Pacific time.

You can listen to my September, 2012 appearance on The Space Show by clicking HERE

Thanks to Dr. David Livingston, the show’s host, for inviting me. You can learn about him by visiting his personal website,

We’ll explore my annual look at space-related trends for the coming year; Click: 10 Space Trends for 2013 — Featuring the Approach of the New International Space Age.

For example, human spaceflight to Mars — and even near-term colonization of the Red Planet — is closer than you think as shown by NASA’s captivating Curiosity Rover.

Extraordinary trends in private commercial, secret DoD, and key international thrusts into space are converging with long-term and current macroeconomic indicators (e.g., the financial Panic of 2008) and geopolitical conflicts (e.g., Iran, North Korea) that point to a transformative, 1960s-style “critical state” arriving by mid-decade.

If the last 200+ years of technology development and great explorations (back to Lewis and Clark) are any guide — a new, international, Apollo-level Space Age won’t be far behind.

See you Friday!

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