Dec 31 2013

Happy New Year 2014! …and the Top 10 for 2013

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Happy New Year!

PLEASE NOTE: This coming year’s “State of the Wave: 10 Space Trends for 2014” will be appearing very soon!
For 2013’s Trends, click: State of the Wave: 10 Space Trends for 2013
Also, you can listen to my most recent appearance (12/6/13) on “The Space Show,” click:

Here are the Top 10 Posts for 2013:
This is a special updated New Year’s edition of our readers’ favorite posts, based on the number of times each post was visited during 2013. All posts are clickable and include their publishing dates.

Updated 12/31/2013

THE LAST 365 DAYS (2013) — Readers’ Favorites

1) Is Earth Unique? What This “Benchmark Moment” Means for ETs and Our Future — 1/5/12
2) Are We Entering a Cuban Missile Crisis-like Phase of the Approaching 1960s-style “Critical State”? — 4/27/13
3) A Major Economic Boom by 2015? … The Lessons of Cleveland, Roosevelt, and Obama — 7/31/10
4) Kepler, Watson, and Gott Point to the Rare Earth Hypothesis — 3/20/11
5) The Allure of Moving to Mars Points to the New Space Age — 10/30/10
6) AIAA — Analyst Predicts New Space Age Coming Soon — 7/6/11
7) The Meaning of China’s New Moon — 12/23/13
8 ) The Physics of Finance As We Approach the 1960s-style Critical State — 8/1/13
9) 10 Lessons JFK and Apollo Teach Us About Ebullience and the Coming Boom — 6/26/11
10) 10 Spiritual Connections of the Human Exploration of Space — 5/31/09

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