May 28 2016

Bruce Announces the New Maslow Window during April 19, 2016 Appearance on The Space Show

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It’s a pleasure to note that Dr. David Livingston has archived my recent 4/19/16 appearance on The Space Show at:

This focused on several key topics related to the near-term future of the U.S. and international space programs, including the opening of the new Maslow Window
that is likely to usher in one or more major international space initiative(s) such as initial human expeditions to Mars and/or its moons or development of a
crewed outpost on the Moon, possibly with international partners. The very public Mars colony aspirations of Elon Musk and SpaceX are a perfect example, although Paul Spudis sees the Moon as a profitable, more realistic near-term target.

The geopolitical and economic precursors — that have presaged each Maslow Window over the last 200+ years — are in place and we only await two more steps:
1) the completion of the ongoing political realignment (e.g., similar to John F. Kennedy’s election in 1960), which typically results in Step 2…
2) the beginning of a large twice-per-century economic expansion (such as the early 1960s JFK Boom) expected (due to election timing) within the next year or two.

We explored parallels between today’s uncertain economic-political-geopolitical situation and those existing during the time between Sputnik (1957) and the election
of JFK. This analysis suggests we’ve entered the new Maslow Window (~2015 – 2025) and are on glide path for a major 1960s-level space initiative.

Although still uncertain, Presidential candidate Donald Trump appears to share key characteristics with the pre-Presidential JFK including charisma and his ability to resonate with a nation at the “tipping point” of a political “revolution” (see Pat Caddell).

More on the long-awaited opening of the current Maslow Window and its near-term implications will appear here soon…

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  1. Kenneth Harmonon 02 Aug 2016 at 2:18 am


    Now that we are in August 2016 a couple of observations.

    First, I do not doubt that we have either entered the Maslow Window (including for Space Exploration) in 2015, or at the very least are on its very cusp with entry circa 2017. Either way, I have been looking at the detailed data from the other Maslow Windows, and a couple of things pop out. I listened to your entire interview with Dr David Livingston on the Space Show. What surprised me is how much you believe today’s Maslow Window will follow a similar trajectory to the one we saw in the 1960’s. It may not, and here is why.

    In the 1960’s the U.S. was in a First and then Second Turning according to Strauss and Howe (“The Fourth Turning”, 1997). One of the things you see as still missing for the confirmation of the new Maslow Window, a huge twice per Century Economic expansion, may not indeed occur as early as you believe or only through mobilization. Furthermore, it is important to point out that there has never been the opening of a Maslow Window centered squarely in a Fourth Turning Era (2008-2026+?). Only the circa 1790 Maslow Window even touched the tail end of a Fourth Turning Era. The current new Maslow Window including Space may be driven more by Fourth Turning Crisis including U.S. Mobilization. Think 2020’s as the new 1940’s. Totally different and perhaps a super powerful crisis/war driven Maslow, including for Space, but for completely different reasons than you expect.

    Finally, I should also point out that every Maslow Window has seen a significant Economic recession within 1-4 years of its start. For example 1903-1914 had the 1907 Economic bust, which may mean a circa 2020 Economic bust on our current Maslow time-line, and even if we see a major Economic expansion over the next few years.


  2. Dr. Bruce Cordellon 13 Nov 2016 at 7:23 pm

    Hi Ken,
    Thanks for your comments.
    Let me briefly say here that the election of Donald Trump is impressive support for the Maslow Window model as well as its timing.
    Just briefly here, I see Trump as a JFK-style figure in many ways: He is charismatic, likes to think big, wants to change things, and has demonstrated a special
    connection with the American people that few in the media understood prior to last Tuesday.
    His stated policy is to stimulate economic growth which is the last remaining step (now that the political realignment has occurred), and he intends to
    utilize updated versions of JFK’s policies which triggered the largest economic boom in history as of that time. According to the Model we can expect the new international
    1960’s style Space Age to materialize from the expected Trump expansion.

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