Dec 22 2016

Maslow Window Model – Largely Confirmed in 2016 – Points to Emerging New Age in Space and On Earth

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The election of Donald Trump is impressive support for the Maslow Window model as well as its
timing. It’s important to realize that Maslow Windows are historically very bipartisan (e.g., President John F Kennedy, a Democrat, brilliantly led the 1960s Window),
and depend more on long-term trends in technology development, macroeconomics, and geopolitics than party affiliation.

JFK announcing in 1961 that the U.S. would send a man to the Moon.

These long-term trends are robust. In fact, on this basis 20 years ago in Space Policy journal, I initially sketched what a Maslow Window looks like and forecasted that a new 1960s-style Maslow Window would open about now.

For a brief summary of the Maslow Window model see the National Space Society publication, Ad Astra (Spring, 2012): “A New Apollo-Level Space Age”. Written in 2012, you’ll see mention of a key step toward the new Apollo-level Space Age — i.e., a future “political realignment” — that we have just experienced.

For a very recent verbal update please check my November 18, 2016 appearance on The Space Show, hosted by Dr. David Livingston: Click HERE. BTW, I’ll be back on The Space Show on April 28, 2017
to review President Trump’s first 100 days in terms of our trajectory toward the new International Apollo-level Space Age.

I agree with Bill Gates’ recent characterization of Trump as potentially a JFK-style figure. For example, like JFK, Trump is charismatic, likes to think big, wants to change things, and has demonstrated
a special connection with the American people that few in the media understood prior to November 8.

President-elect Trump’s stated objective is to stimulate economic growth which is the only remaining step (now that the political realignment has occurred), and he intends to
utilize updated versions of JFK’s policies which triggered the largest economic boom in history as of that time.

According to the Model we can expect the new international 1960’s-style Space Age to begin to materialize from the anticipated Trump boom as it gains momentum during 2017 and beyond.

ONE MORE NOTE: It’s important to realize that the most recent Maslow Window occurred in the 1960s so many people alive today have never seen anything like it. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that in the powerfully ebullient environment developing now in the current Maslow Window — conditions not seen since the 1960s Moon Race, the early 20th century “Panama-fever” (of the Canal) and “Pole-Mania” (of the N & S polar explorers), the mid-19th century “Manifest Destiny” of the U.S., and the seminal exploits of Lewis and Clark over 200 years ago — almost anything is possible.

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