May 10 2017

ANNOUNCING this Fall, Bruce’s USC “Human Spaceflight” graduate engineering course

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University of Southern California

    FALL, 2017 – ASTE 524 Human Spaceflight

Instructor: Dr. Bruce Cordell

Human spaceflight has become a dynamic international and commercial activity that promises to exceed even the 50-year old transformational space vision of President John F. Kennedy, which led to the first humans on the Moon in 1969. Engineers, scientists, and managers need to stay abreast of this arena as global needs and aspirations surge to new heights.

For example, the International Space Station has won approval from the White House and the International Partners (Russia, Japan, ESA, Canada) to extend operations to 2024. In 2012, the Dragon spacecraft (SpaceX) made history when it became the first commercial spacecraft to deliver cargo to ISS; Dragon is also designed to deliver crew. In 2018 SpaceX plans to send commercial tourists to the Moon.

In 2014, China became the first country in the 21st century to soft-land a spacecraft on the Moon. Human missions to its space station (Tiangong-1) since 2011 are well-known, and China has recently begun talks with ESA about a joint lunar base. NASA continues with development of the Space Launch System, a heavy-lift vehicle that could support human spaceflight to the Moon and Mars, as could SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy.

At USC in Fall Semester 2017, ASTE 524 Human Spaceflight will explore a variety of attractive systems and technologies used in current and future human space missions to Earth orbit, the Moon, and Mars. This includes environmental control and life support, human factors and space environments, and crew accommodations. We’ll examine orbit selection and astrodynamics, as well as mission operations and safety, and communications. Applications will include launch vehicles and transfer vehicles, space stations, and surface bases.
ASTE 524: Section 29152D, 9am-11:50am, Friday; Lecture, DEN@Viterbi.

For information on off-campus enrollment: or call 877-740-1336.
To contact Dr. Cordell:

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