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Bruce Cordell, Ph.D.
Editor (Space Colonization, Strategic Planning, General)

Bruce was a program manager in advanced space systems for several years with General Dynamics, Space Systems in San Diego, CA where he worked closely with NASA and the U.S. Air Force on lunar bases and human missions to Mars, space transportation and resources, and national defense. Currently an educator and a consultant in Southern California, he created and teaches “Human Spaceflight” (ASTE 524), a graduate engineering course at the University of Southern California. Bruce’s background is in physics (M.S., UCLA) and planetary science (Ph.D., University of Arizona). He helped Rachel create this website. For more about Bruce, Click HERE. To request Bruce to speak to your group, click HERE. Connect w Bruce at LinkedIn.

Rachel Nishimura

Managing Editor (Pop Culture, General)

Rachel is co-founder of 21stCenturyWaves.com. She is immersed in pop culture and has a compelling interest in international space programs. Having grown up in Anaheim, CA not far from the “Happiest Place on Earth” (Disneyland), she has been permeated since birth by visions of the future, explorationist history, and fun fantasies. She currently attends the University of Vermont and enjoys tart yogurt flavors, the Moody Blues on vinyl, and Futurama.

Carol Lane

Contributing Editor (Space, Politics)

Carol’s interest in space goes back to the Apollo program and watching the moon landings. Her desire to follow a career in space, and science and technology policy coalesced during her college years during her coursework in science, technology and public policy. In the early part of her career she was involved in technology forecasting and technology assessments primarily dealing with energy policy and the future of scientific and technical information. Carol worked for the US Senate Science, Technology and Space Subcommittee, leading legislation and policy initiatives on space, remote sensing commercialization, climate issues and science education. Since the mid 1980s, he has also worked for aerospace companies doing business development, strategic planning and government relations. During her career she has had to opportunity to work on many different space programs including launch vehicles, the space station program, remote sensing satellite programs and science satellite programs.

Joseph Friedlander

Contributing Editor (Space Industrialization, Political and Economy, Futures)

Joseph is an inventor and consultant who writes and speaks often on space industrialization and settlement as well as future industrial possibilities on Earth and the ways these things could change our lives. He is a member of the World Economics Association. Joseph has had a lifelong interest in astronomy and space exploration, working for over 9 years at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. Deciding on a career in engineering, he entered a pre-engineering track in Oakton Community College in Illinois but switched to information technology and worked in that field. His studies have branched out since that point, and his reading is wide-ranging (some would say encyclopedic). Among his favorite authors are those who concentrate on the links between industry, government and military, society and prosperity, in particular Jane Jacobs, Seymour Melman, Herman Kahn and Kevin A. Carson.

Anny Wong, Ph.D.

Contributing Editor (Technology, Politics, International Relations, General)

Anny is a political scientist at a major policy research institute. Her research interests include science and technology in development, politics and culture in domestic and international relations with a focus on Asia and the Pacific region, and Army manpower issues. She has lived, worked, studied and traveled throughout much of the Asia Pacific region and has been based in Washington, D.C. since 2000. When not at the computer, she is cooking up good eats (salmon patties with lemon juice and zest mayo, anyone?), teaching her English cocker spaniel new tricks (“wave” for a cookie), and cheering on her favorite competitor in G4’s Ninja Warrior (GO! Makoto Nagano, GO!).

Ann Hovey, M.S.

Contributing Editor (Economics, International Business)

Ann’s roots and interest in the space program started as a young child in the Cape Canaveral, FL area, during the race to the moon as her father worked on the Mercury, Gemini and early Apollo missions. Raised in the excitement and close social atmosphere so well portrayed in the movie “Apollo 13,” she watched every missile launch at the Cape and tracked the shots “downrange” during the space program’s early years. Her areas of academic study include International Relations, Foreign Policy, Economics, and Public Policy, with specific interest in mathematical modeling and forecasting. With previous careers as an artist/entrepreneur and a consultant on load forecasting, capitalization and economic development, she currently works in education.

Olivia Wolfe

Contributing Editor (Space Entrepreneurs, General)


Olivia is an expert researcher and voracious reader of many items including science fiction, time and space travel, WWII and Vietnam War history, along with an occasional fiction novel. She is also a writer and currently is working on getting her manuscript published.

Kenneth Meehan, Ph.D. (1949-2012; Click HERE)

Contributing Editor (Psychology, Statistics)

Ken has a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and has held a variety of teaching and research positions over the past 25 years. He’s served as Southwest Regional Director of the National Council for Research and Planning and has consulted with the National Center for Educational Statistics.

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