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“Human Spaceflight to Mars as a Self-Organized Critical System”, Presentation at the 20th Annual International Mars Society Conference, September 7-10, 2017, University of California, Irvine. Click: IMSC.2017.Cordell.p

Preprint: “Economic Rhythms, Maslow Windows and the New Space Frontier,” K. Dholakia-Lehenbauer, E. Elliott, & B. Cordell, Space Policy, In Press, 2012, UK.
Click Economic Rhythms For Space Policy pre.2012

Russia and China may use Phobos as an initial step in a possible joint manned Mars initiative after 2015.

“Phobos, Key to the Cosmos? Just Ask Russia, China,” Commentary, Space News, 2010, September 6, Vol. 21, Issue 35. Click Phobos

It is possible to scientifically forecast that the first manned Mars mission will occur by 2025. Based on long-term economic, technological, and societal trends that have repeated for centuries…

“Fractal Maslow Windows and the Near-Term Colonization of Mars,” PowerPoint Presentation — The International Mars Society Convention, August 3 – 5, 2012, Pasadena Convention Center, Pasadena, CA
Click Mars.8.3.12.cordell

“A New Apollo-Level Space Age” Ad Astra, The Magazine of the National Space Society, Spring, 2012 (Vol. 24, No. 1).
Click New Apollo-Level Space Age

“Looking to the Past To Predict Next Space Age,” Commentary, Space News, 2011, June 27, Vol. 22, Issue 25. Click New Space Age

“Economic Booms and Apollo-style Exploration,” B. Cordell, PowerPoint Presentation (5/19/11), International Space Development Conference (ISDC 2011), Huntsville, AL, Click Cordell.EconomicBooms.ISDC.2011

“Forecasting the Next 20 Years in Space: The New Race to Space,” B. Cordell, PowerPoint Presentation (September 11, 2008), AIAA-2008-7870, Space 2008 Conference, San Diego, CA, Click cordellaiaa91108.ppt.

“The Next 25 Years in Space: Long-Term Trends, Forecasts, Timelines,” B. Cordell, PowerPoint Presentation (January, 2007).
Click 21cw107.ppt

“21st Century Waves — Forecasting Technology Booms and Human Expansion into the Cosmos”, B. Cordell, Futures Research Quarterly, V. 22, No. 3, pp. 21-41 (Fall, 2006). Click 2006frq.pdf:

“Forecasting the next 20 years in space: The new race to space,” B. Cordell, A. Hovey and K. Meehan, (Abstract) AIAA Space 2008 Conference, San Diego (2008). Click HERE.

“Forecasting the next major thrust into space” B. Cordell, Space Policy, V. 12, 1, pp. 45-57 (1996).
click 1996.pdf:

“Space planners can learn from Desert Storm – Commentary”, B. Cordell, Space News, June 24 – July 7 (1991). Click space1.pdf.

We can send humans to Mars within the next decade. Key beneficiaries will be K-16+ math/science education and international relations.

“Transportation Approaches for Manned Mars Missions” B. Cordell, AIAA-90-3892, AIAA Space Programs and Technology Conference, Huntsville, AL (1990).
Click 1990transapp.pdf:

“Interspace – Design for an International Space Agency” B. Cordell, Space Policy V. 8, 4, pp. 287-297 (1992).
Click 1992int.pdf:

“The Challenge of Mars” B. Cordell, Ad Astra, National Space Society, V. 2, 5, pp. 8-14 (May, 1990).
Click 1990adastra.pdf:

“Manned Mars mission overview – Invited Paper” B. Cordell, AIAA-89-2766, Joint Propulsion Conference, Monterey, CA (1989).

It is possible and profitable to retrieve water from Mars for use in Earth-Moon space. The first scientific, technological, and economic evaluation of this concept for interplanetary commerce…

“The Moons of Mars: A source of water for lunar bases and LEO.” B. Cordell, In Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century, pp. 809-816 (1985). Click HERE.

“An analysis of advanced space strategies featuring the role of space resource utilization” B. Cordell and O. Steinbronn, Acta Astronautica V. 26, 1, pp. 19-27 (1992).
Click 1992iau.pdf:

“Search for the Lost Lunar Lakes” B. Cordell, Astronomy Vol. 21, No. 3, March 1993. Click lunarlakes.pdf.

“Implications of the NASA Lunar Initiative for a typical space transportation architecture” B. Cordell, C. Varnado & C. McLain, In Symposium on Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century, Lunar & Planetary Inst., Houston, 1988.

“Exofuel – Presentation to NASA” B. Cordell, C. Cassell, J. Che, D. Peterson, & T. Zuppero, General Dynamics, Space Systems Division, 8362-89-040 (1989).

Mars is rich in usable resources (i.e. ore bodies). The first systematic assessment…

“A preliminary assessment of Martian natural resource potential” B. Cordell, (AAS 84-185) In The Case for Mars II, V. 62, pp. 627-640 (1985).
Click 1984resources.pdf:

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