Apr 02 2011

The Maslow Window — Summary

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This page supplies a brief, updated introduction to the fractal Maslow Window model that forecasts a transformative, 1960s-style, new international Space Age to begin near 2015. (Just click on the titles below.) Keep in mind that on the Blogroll, posts are archived according to Category, publishing date, and keywords.

Just a reminder that what follows is NOT an exhaustive list of relevant posts, merely a few key ones to get you started.

A good place to start is The Intro Page.

A New Apollo-Level Space Age (Ad Astra, 2012)

Looking to the Past to Predict the Next Space Age (Space News, 2011)

Economic Booms and Apollo-style Exploration (ISDC, 2011)

Friedlander’s view of Maslow Windows at NextBigFuture.com

Trends and Forecasts
State of the Wave: 10 Space Trends for 2014 — Getting Our Ducks in a Row for the New Space Age

DecaState of the Wave — 10 Space Trends for the Decade 2010-2020

Economic Rhythms, Maslow Windows and the New Space Frontier (Space Policy, 2012, Preprint)

Economic Growth is the Trigger
Economic Crisis Supports Maslow Window Forecasts

Multi-Century GDP Trends Point to a Near-Term 1960s-style Boom

Standard Chartered Bank’s “New Super-Cycle” Points to the New Apollo-Style Space Age

Our Current Weak Recovery Fits a 200-Year-Old Pattern

Prosperity: A Technological and a Moral Imperative

Ebullience is the Driver
Are Great Explorations Driven by Keynesian “Animal Spirits” on Steroids?

The Economics of Ebullience Points to a Sparkling New Global Space Age

Is Booming Antarctic Tourism a Prelude to Earth Orbit and the Moon?

Animal Spirits, Complexity, and “The Most Dangerous Guy Out There”

Gaus’ Declining Anxiety Wave Points to the 2015 Economic Boom

10 Spiritual Connections of the Human Future in Space

Maslow Windows as a “Critical State”
Why Humans Became #1 and How Technology and Sex Lead to Unprecedented Prosperity

Niall Ferguson — On the Edge of Chaos, Immersed in the Long Wave

Space: The Fractal Frontier — How Complexity Drives Exploration

Are Stratfor’s “Generational Shifts” Like “Falling Grains of Sand”?

State of the Wave: The Physics of Finance As We Approach the 1960s-Style Critical State

Sketches of Each Maslow Window
1960s Apollo Maslow Window…
“The Liberal Hour” Supports Maslow Window Model and Points to the Approaching Greatest Boom in History

10 Lessons JFK and Apollo Teach Us About Ebullience and the Coming Boom

The 1960s Apollo Maslow Window was “Transformative”

Early 20th Century Polar and Panama Maslow Window…
10 Lessons Peary & Amundsen Teach Us About the Human Future in Space

10 Lessons the Panama Canal Teaches Us About the Human Future in Space

Mid-19th Century Manifest Destiny Maslow Window…
10 Lessons Dr. Livingstone (“…I presume?”) Teaches Us About the Human Future in Space

How the West Was Won — The Expansionist Effects of Ebullience

Early 19th Century Lewis and Clark Maslow Window…
10 Lessons Lewis & Clark Teach Us About the Human Future in Space

Precursors Point to the New Space Age
China’s Recent Educational Quantum Leap Triggers a “Sputnik Moment”

The Cold War-style Arms Race in Asia and the New Space Age

Facebook-Aided Arab Uprisings & Their Historical Parallels Signal a Transformative Future

Korea, Iran, and the Venezuela Missile Crisis: Self-Organizing Toward a Critical State?

China Surges to #2 and Contemplates More Freedom: The Implications for Space

Xunantunich and the Large Hadron Collider Support Maslow Window Forecasts

State of the Wave: ETs Surge to Center Stage

Political Waves — Past and Present
How President Obama is Creating the New Space Age

A Major Economic Boom by 2015? … The Lessons of Cleveland, Roosevelt, and Obama

Historic, Wave Election Supports 21stCenturyWaves.com Forecasts

The Coming JFK-style Boom
State of the Wave: Our “Weak” Recovery and Prospects for the 2015 Boom

State of the Wave: Today’s Gloom & Doom and the 2015 Boom

Nobelist Robert Lucas Sees Light at the End of the Economic Tunnel

Stratfor’s George Friedman Likes Space-Based Solar Power in “The Next Decade”

“The Greatest Era in the History of Mankind”

What Next for NASA and Commercial Space?
Is the Moon a “Golden Oldie” or a “One Hit Wonder”?

The Shocking Truth About the Father of the Space Station

The Allure of Moving to Mars Points to the New Space age

Commercialization of the Moon — How Soon and Who?

Did the New Space Age Begin This Week with Space Resources?

“A United, Global Effort for Long-Term Human Space Exploration?” — Why Not?

Wildcards and the Future
Major Wars Threaten Future Space Initiatives

Asteroid Threats — Rusty’s Call for A Global Response

Phobos, Key to the Cosmos? Just Ask Russia, China (Space News, 2010)

Business and Environmental Cycles: A New Cosmic Connection?

One More Thought…
In the powerfully ebullient environment of the 2015 Maslow Window — not seen since the 1960s Moon Race, the early 20th century “Panama-fever” (of the Canal) and “Pole-Mania” (of the N & S polar explorers), the mid-19th century “Manifest Destiny” of the U.S., and the seminal exploits of Lewis and Clark over 200 years ago — almost anything is possible.

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